Hackathon 2020

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RGUKT has collaborated with Company Vihaan Electrix to conduct Hackathon for 24 hours on our campus. Vihaan Electrix is a famous company, which is encouraging so many students to set up the start-up on a given problem statement within 24 hours, by organizing series of hacks at different institutions like GITAMS, NIT, IIT.

What you have to do is just form a team, create a prototype of your idea, validate it and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs, all in one weekend.

About Vihaan Electrix

Vihaan Electrix is a Visakhapatnam(AP) based Startup company initiated in 2019 to get into the Manufacturing of Two /Three Wheeled Electric Vehicles for Rural Sectors. The company's vision is to become the best Electric Two/Three -wheeler manufacturer and Service Provider in Andhra Pradesh with our innovative designs and added revolutionary technology advancements to the electric vehicles.

Our Highly skilled Team of Engineers is passionate to design the product which apt to the geographical terrain of Indian roads. Our Product Development with Innovation is what our business thrives on our Advanced R&D facilities and network and our continuous endeavor is to set a benchmark in the electric two-wheeler sector in India.

Problem Statement

Topic: Application for Efficient charging infrastructure for Electric Vehicles.

Create a nodal structure of the location of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the rural and urban areas of Andhra Pradesh.The structure should support customers with electric vehicles to reach the charging points as well as provide different features such as customer connect, service, battery swapping, etc.

     The main aim of this application is supposed to be the simplification of customer's problems/issue resolution, reduce issue resolution time and to improve customer experience.

To Design:

  • List of Locations (Urban & Rural)
  • Connect Route Map
  • Structural Dash Board
  • Additional Features


Phase 1:

  • Students have to come up with the best solution for the given problem statement and submitted it by going through the registration process.
  • Based on the solutions submitted, 40 students will be selected by following an interview /One to One interaction on a call by Feb 13.
  • We will call the selected students for the Hackathon on the 15th Feb.
  • On the day of Hackthon we will group them to teams with (4-5 students/ per team) based on the similarity of idea they submitted and to work together for the implementation


  • The students who are selected for the Hackathon must register for Teckzite20.
  • The students other than RGUKTN's have to pay the accommodation fee also.
  • -Even the students grouped themselves and come up with best solution they have to register on the site individually by filling the same idea.


  • Cash prize worth Rs.50,000/-
  • Participation certificates.

Phase-2 (If selected in Phase-1)

Application development :

In this phase, the team needs to develop an application for a given problem statement satisfying the constraints within 24 hours on spot in the event day.


After the application development phase, every team needs to give a presentation based on the prototype or application they developed.Presentation should contain maximum 6 slides.

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Methodology Used
  • Execution model
  • Team Goal for next Level Solution


  • Basic requirements like Electric consumption, Normal storage consumption, with the test facility, gum, wooden box, switches etc.
  • Structure of the model
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • Implementation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Budget
  • Report should consist maximum 7 Pages + 1 cover page


Feb 15

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Reviewing problem statement, discussing and sharing           their ideas

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Idea validation, case sheet submission

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Dinner and continue hack

Feb 16

8:00 PM(Feb 16) - 12:00 AM
Individual interaction with Jury. Live voting.

12:00 AM - 1:00 AM

1:00 PM - 6:00 AM
Presentation Prep & Tech Check.

6:00 AM - 7:00 AM
Award Presentation

Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria

  • There will be 3 members in the judgement panel. Each will give 25 points and the remaining 25 will be given by live voting session.
  • Based on the implementation and showing the best solution to the problem they will award points ranging from 0-25 points for teams.
  • The team which gets maximum points will be the hackers of the event and the team get prize money worth of ₹ 50000/- Indian Rupees.

Based upon the following approach Judges will award points to teams:

  • Creativity : Is the Team idea is new or existing and is it really a good solution to the given problem.
  • Realistic Approach: is the idea implemented and is worked for the desired output
  • Design: Design and user interface to handle it for usage.is it simple or complexity or requires any guide to use.
  • Business Model: is it economical to afford and sustainable. Societal value and feasibility of design.
  • Pitch: is the team convincing their idea enough.


Live Voting session is conducted on social media based on the number of votes got for their idea the team will be awarded points.The Final decision of judging is made by the Vihaan Electrix. All should obey the terms and conditions of Vihaan Electrix


  • Participant must register for Teckzite'20 and complete the payment process.
  • Abstract of the participant who doesn't complete the payment process will not be considered.
  • Last date for abstract submission is 10th February 2019

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