The Teckzite College Ambassador Program is a pan India networking program that aims to create a network of like-minded and tech-savvy students across India. We aim to develop and nurture future leaders in the fields of tech who shall act as Teckzite’s representatives, brand builders and promoters in their respective institutions. Scroll down to understand the perks and advantages of becoming a Teckzite College Ambassador.

Teckzite has been an example in achieving huge feats with unparalleled figures ever since its inception in 2008. Teckzite has grown in stature in terms of its content, infrastructure and logistics. The overwhelming crowd of such a high magnitude and a world-class technological display along with a tinge of enjoyment has made our dream a technological extravaganza. With such vastness and diversity, the hospitality of the Students is of paramount importance.


Why Become a CA

  • You are inquisitive
    You want to improve your skill set and are open to exploring new opportunities to learn and grow.
  • You are innovative
    You are creative, tech-savvy, enjoy analytical problem solving and thinking outside the box
  • You are a leader
    Improve your management skills and enhance your image.
  • You stay up to date
    You are curious about science and technology in general and tuned in to recent trends in science and technology.


  • Certificates
    If CA brings 5 or more than 5 students will get a campus ambassador certificate.
  • Internship with Teckzite
    If CA brings 15+ students will get social media marketing internship certificate from Teckzite'20 Team.
  • Accomodation and Travelling
    If CA brings 25+ students will get free lodging during teckzite'20.
    If CA brings 30+ students will get free one way travelling.
  • Merchandise
    If CA brings 40+ students will get two way travelling(* Maximum amount upto Rs.1000/-) and Merchandise.
  • Food Coupons
    If CA brings 45+ students they can get free Food Coupons.
  • Meet Celebs
    If CA brings 50+ students can meet celebs personally during Teckzite'20.
  • Event Passes
    If CA brings 60+ students will get a free passes for Cultural Fest.


  • Publicize
    Spread awareness about Teckzite’s events and competitions in your college.
  • Ideate
    Strategize and drive innovative word of mouth campaigns in college activities and events.
  • Promote
    Ensure enthusiastic participation from your college at Teckzite 2019-2020.
  • Organize
    Plan and organize events in your college with the support of Teckzite, RGUKT Nuzvid.
  • Represent
    Act as a representative for Teckzite, RGUKT Nuzvid promoting the festival in your circles.


  • 1) Who is a College Ambassador?
    College Ambassador is the face of Teckzite. They act as the link between Teckzite and their college. They are the first point of contact for any student of the college.
  • 2) How should I apply?
    You will need a Google account to register, and you can find registration button above. Allow popups if asked for. Once you have registered, you won’t be able to change your email ID.
  • 3) What do I do if my points aren’t updated?
    Send a mail to [email protected] specifying the exact problem or fill a query. We shall look into it and get back to you.
  • 4) What is the eligibility to become a College Ambassador?
    Valid college ID is enough.
  • 5) What kind of events will I be responsible for, as a CA?
    Sharing the posts on all social media platforms and the posters on your college notice boards. Conducting workshops with the help of Teckzite, RGUKT Nuzvid in your college.
  • 6) How much time and effort would be expected from me?
    Basic commitment and sincerity towards the assigned task are required. You are expected to put in 1-2 hours in a week.
  • 7) Can there be more than one College Ambassador from a college?
    Depending on the necessity, Teckzite, RGUKT Nuzvid can appoint more than one college ambassador from a college.


[email protected]