Teckzite || Hybrid Vehicle Designing

Teckzite - Hybrid Vehicle Designing

About the workshop

what is a hybrid car ?

                     A hybrid car is one that uses more than one means of propulsion - that means combining a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor.The main advantages of a hybrid are that it should consume less fuel and emit less CO2 than a comparable conventional petrol or diesel-engine vehicle.Hybrid cars have a conventional engine, an electric motor and a battery.


                    How does a hybrid automobile work? What goes on under the hood to give you 20 or 30 more miles per gallon than the standard automobile ? And does it pollute less just because it gets better gas mileage? Thorough training from SPM Hydraulics, you will get to understand how this technology works, and out lecturers will give you some practical training on how to do maintenance for hybrid car.

Note :

  • Top performers will be provided internship opportunity AMZ Automotive.


Course Content:

  • Hybrid system components and operation
  • How to work safely on hybrid and related vehicle systems.
  • Maintenance and repair methods when working on hybrid vehicles.
  • Assessment of procedures to ensure a hybrid vehicle is sale to work on.
  • Assessment of knowledge of hybrid vehicle safe working practices.

Practical session :

  • Using safety equipment.
  • Identifying the HV cables.
  • Disable power source.
  • Locating HV and auxiliary battery.
  • Checking HV battery voltage.
  • Checking auxiliary battery voltage.

Rules & Regulations

  • Participants having a valid ID card of their respective educational institutions are eligible for the workshop.
  • Participants should be present in all the sessions. Failing this, no certificate will be awarded to the participant.


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