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About the Event

Description :-

Its football time and no-one plays soccer better than the engineers, in their own sophisticated way we hail this event ROBO SOCCER. All you soccer fans hold your breath, as we present to you soccer with an entirely new dimension. So if you are up for the challenge get your manual soccer playing bots ready in order to compete on the biggest stage and bring out the hidden RONALDO , MESSI in you. Its time you to stop watching soccer on screens. Participate and have lots of fun it’s going to be thrilling for sure. 

Problem Statement :-

The objective is to design a manual robot and which can compete on an arena specially designed for robotic soccer match. The event is aimed at testing the  Kicking, maneuvering skills and the control of the robot.


Date: 16-02-19
Time: 08:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Venue: A3 Ground Floor
Date: 17-02-19
Time: 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM
Venue: A3 Ground Floor

Organizer: K.Sunny

Rules & Regulations


    1. Only one ball will be placed at the center, robots are initially placed at their respective goal posts.
    2. Only one bot is allowed from each team in arena
    3. Time limit is 5 minutes.
    4. Participants should hit the ball into the opponent’s goal to score points.
    5. Each participant can make as many as goals in the limited time.
    6. 10 negative points for each time bot crosses border of the arena.
    7. 50 points would be awarded for a goal scored.
    8. If one of the participants bot kick the ball out of the arena then the ball will be placed in favour of opponent bot.
    9. Judging criteria for final winner will be based on number of goals scored and negative points by the participants.

Robot specifications :

    • The robot should fit inside a box of 30cm*30cm*30cm
    • Robot should not exceed 4 kg.
    • The robot can be wired, wireless or autonomous.
    • The robot should be self-powered with supply not exceeding 12V(on board power supply)
    • Power supply(only DC) should be on board. Participants cannot draw power from outside.No power supply will be provided at the event. 

Rules and Regulations:

    • Team can have maximum number of four members. 
    • You should come up with your college id cards. 
    • Only one participant should control the robot no player can be exchanged in the middle of match another one is allowed to hold the wire. 
    • A robot can push or hit the ball. It cannot withhold or grab the ball if it happens a penalty of -10 points will be given.  
    • Human interference (e.g. touching the robot) during the game is not allowed.
    • Decision of the Judges and Event organizers shall be treated as final and binding on all and cannot be contested. The event coordinator is the match referee. He takes all the decisions and participants have to abide by it.
    • No more AC/DC power supply will be provided at the sight of play.
    • Coordinators reserve the right to ask for the explanation of the robot.
    • The coordinator can change the rules of the game depending on the situation.
    • You can use the wire of length 3 to 4 meters to operate the robot. 
    • Rules & Regulations may change without prior notice, by the Event organizers
    • Positions of balls and obstacles in the arena will be decided by the organizers on the particular day of event.
    • If wires are held together then there will be a pause in the game.  

Fouls and Penalties:

   1.    Any kind of intentional damage to the bot(s) will be considered as a foul.

2.    Two bots should not be in contact for more than 5 seconds, in any case otherwise a penalty of -5 points will be awarded to the team which blocked the other bot.

3.    If the bot touches the borders a penalty of -10 points will be given and the opponent bot which is outside the border gets the ball and the game is continued from the same position.

4.    The bot should not cross the opponent's field before the start of the match.Violation leads -10 points.

5.    Teams have to take care of their wiring. The wiring should be at the height of at least 30 cm from the game field. Wiring shouldn't touch the game field. If any team tries to disturb the game intentionally using wires or if wires are in contact with the arena for 5 seconds continuously  penalty of -5 points will be given, and the opponent gets the ball and the game is continued from the same position.

6.    None of the bots should grab the ball and hold it. If it holds more than the prescribed time a penalty of -10 will be awarded and the  ball will be passed to opponent team and game restarts from center.



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Contact Details

Name : K.Sunny

Contact : 9640143244

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