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Teckzite - Robo wars

About the Event



                  The objective is to make a manually controlled bot capable of immobilizing ,fighting aggressively with control and ultimately knocking out of other bot.


 Each team must consist a maximum of 5 members .2 members of  the team are allowed to handle the bot during the match.




 The machine should fit in a box of dimension 40cm x 40cm x 40cm (l x b x h) during the starting of the match. The external device (remote) used to control the machine is not included in the size constraint. (However there is no limitation on dimension once the match starts).

The machine should not exceed  10kg of weight including power supply. 10% allowance in weight shall be given to the bots with off board power supply.



  The bots should use only wheels for moving.

  Jumping, Flying, Hopping of bots is not allowed.


The machine can be controlled wirelessly or with wires. Off board power supplies are allowed.

If the machine is wired then the wire should remain slack under all circumstances during the competition. All the wires coming out of the machine should be stacked as a single unit. Teams are suggested to use only rated wires. Loose connections may lead to direct disqualification even before the event

If the machine is controlled wirelessly, the machine must at least have a four frequency control circuit or two dual control circuits which may be interchanged before the start of the race to avoid frequency interference with other teams. The case of any interference in the wireless systems will not be considered for rematch or results and no external power supply will be provided to the participants.

The robots are not allowed to cut the opponents control wire.

Violation of this rule will lead to disqualification


The bot must be powered by electrical means only.Other means of powering the system like use of IC engines, Pneumatics in any form is not allowed.

The electric voltage between any two points in a machine should not exceed 12v DC at any point of time. 


On board Batteries must be sealed, immobilized-electrolyte types (such as gel cells, lithium, NiCad, NiMH, or dry cells).

 All efforts must be made to protect battery terminals from a direct short and causing a battery fire, failure to do so will cause direct disqualification.

    Use of damaged, non-leak proof batteries may lead to disqualification.


Robots can have any kind of magnetic weapons,  flippers,  lifting devices, spinning hammers etc. as weapons with following exceptions and limitations:

Liquid projectiles.

Any kind of inflammable liquid.

Flame-based weapons.

Nets, tape, glue, or any other entanglement device.

High power magnets or electromagnets.

Hammers  or any other high-voltage device.

Tethered or un-tethered projectiles.

Spinning weapons like blades, cutters and saws, flammable weapons are strictly prohibited.

In no case should the arena be damaged by any bot. The competition will be played on a knock-out basis.


Date: 16-02-19
Time: 01:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Venue: A2 Ground Floor
Date: 17-02-19
Time: 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Venue: A2 Ground Floor

Organizer: SK.IRFAN

Rules & Regulations


Bots are to be built according to the specified dimensions.

Replacement of the parts of bot will  not be allowed if accident occurs.

Team can take part only with one bot

Timers will be paused only if the problem arise during the fight

Correction of bots will be allowed during the fight.

It is not mandatory that all the members in a group should be from the same institute.

A team should bring all the required materials.

No test practice will be allowed in the competition arena .

Any team that is not ready at the time specified even after relaxation according to the problem occurred will be eliminated from the competition.

Participants should not have any objection on the predefined rules.

Participants shall not be allowed to be part of more than one team.


1.Judge's decision shall be treated as final and binding on all and sundry.

2.Arguments are strongly discouraged.

3.Judges reserve all rights to eliminate the participation of any teams who indulge in any informal activities.

4.Properly check for the complete firm connection of BOT before entering competition.

5.The Teams are sole responsible for all the materials they bring for the competition.

6. Only one power supply of 12V is permitted to use on the bot 

7.Judges will not be responsible for the accidents/damage that occurs to BOT during the competition.

8.No claims for any participant’s materials shall be entertained.

9.Power supply to the bot should not exceed 12V and participants cannot draw power from outside.


  A robot is declared victorious if its opponent is immobilized.

A robot will be declared immobile if it cannot display linear motion of at least one inch in a time period of 30 seconds.

In case both the robots remain mobile after the end of the round then the winner will be decided subjectively.

Points will be allocated to the bots as per following criteria:

1) Aggression - Aggression is judged by the frequency, severity, boldness and effectiveness of attacks deliberately initiated by the robot against its opponent. If a robot appears to have accidentally attacked an opponent, that act will not be considered Aggression.

2) Control - Control means a robot is able to attack an opponent at its weakest point, use it's weapons in the most effective way, and minimize the damage caused by the opponent or its weapons.

3) Damage - Through deliberate action, a robot either directly or indirectly reduces the functionality, effectiveness or defensibility of an opponent. Damage is not considered relevant if a robot inadvertently harms itself.

4) Pinning - A bot will be considered pinned it is held by the opponent such that it is unable to move for at least 10 seconds.

Every match consist of 3 rounds of 2 minutes each and each subsequent round will have time gap of 1 min.

If  a robot is thrown out of the arena, that particular round will stop immediately ,and the robot still inside the arena will automatically be declared as the winner of that round and the other rounds will continue as usual.

Robot cannot win by lifting their opponents.

No repairs are allowed to the bot during the match. A team can stop the match only if it quits i.e. the opponent team will be declared victorious.

Violation of any of the rules will lead to disqualification.

Judges decision shall be treated as final and binding on all.

A team may consist of maximum of 5 people all may not from the same college, but only two people are allowed to control the bot during a match.


       For Zonal A flat surface [concrete] marked with the boundaries of dimension  10ft *10ft will be the battleground.

        The organizers reserve the right to change any or all of the rules as they deem fit.

        Violation of any of the rules will lead to disqualification.

        Judges decision shall be treated as final and binding on all.


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