Teckzite || Mobile controlled robot

Teckzite - Mobile controlled robot

About the Event


Mobile controlled robot gives an opportunity to showcase their skills in robotics. All you need is the desire, enthusiasm and passion towards robotics. Gear up your DTMF controlled robots and race off against your counterparts. Stay focused to grab the crown of Mobile Controlled Robot.  


         A Mobile Controlled Robot is a mobile device, which provides wide-range of wireless control ability to your robot unless your cell phone gets out of signal. The objective is to build a bot which can navigate using your instructions through DTMF controlled by your mobile phone and maneuver the bot through the arena.

Specifications of the track:

  • The track is spread on a 15m x 10m floor (FLOOR MAY BE  OF ANY TYPE).
  • The track width varies from 45 - 55 cms and is closed on the sides by walls.
  • The race course has several turns [U-turns, right angled turns, loops], and the path width may be narrow at some places requiring control and stability along with speed.
  • The race course may have obstacles like speed breakers etc.


Date: 16-02-19
Time: 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Venue: Near Central Library
Date: 17-02-19
Time: 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Venue: Near Central Library

Organizer: N.RATNA RAJU

Rules & Regulations

Team size:

5 members but, only one member is allowed to handle the robot during the event.All the participants should come up with your college Id Cards. 


  • Base of the machine must not be greater than 25cm X 25cm (Length * Breadth). No limit on weight of the bot.
  • The control of the bot can be done through any switches in the mobile which the participants are using.
  • Communication between the rover and the participant will be through DTMF. It cannot be IR beams, GSM, Bluetooth and radio services and any other sources.
  • On board power supply should not exceed 12V DC between any two points in the machine.
  • A robot’s program is the responsibility of the team. No rounds will be replayed due to problems with the robot’s program.
  • No AC power will be guaranteed to the participants, even to charge the batteries. Backup must be held by the participants themselves.
  • No external power supply will be provided to the participants.


  • A minimum of two  or more rounds will be conducted based on number of participants.
  • All the teams are allowed to participate in the initial rounds.


  • Judging criteria will be based on:

    • Time factor.
    • Number of check points crossed.
    • A maximum of one corrections is allowed and for every next correction points will be deducted.
    • Event organizer decision will be treated as final.
    • The rules and regulations may be change at any time according to the situation. 


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Contact Details

Name : N.Ratna Raju

Contact : 9618403441

E-mail :