Teckzite || Save the Egg

Teckzite - Save the Egg

About the Event

    Teckzite 2k19 is presenting you a fun event “save the EGG”                            

                       The challenge is developing a device that will help egg survive better than when Humpty-Dumpty took the historic fall off the wall. Participants should design and build an apparatus that will protect an egg from breaking as it free falls from a height.

It’s time to showcase your talent in this Thrilling event.


9:00AM to 12:00PM(Sunday 17-Feb-2019)



Rules & Regulations

Team Size -1 to 3 members

No of rounds – 1

    • The apparatus may be constructed of any material except metal, glass or other shatter able material (for safety reasons). Failure to use approved materials will result in automatic disqualification.
    • The apparatus (without the egg) shall not exceed 750.0 grams in mass. Apparatus weighing more than 750.0 grams will result in automatic disqualification.
    • Containers must be designed so that the egg may be inserted easily before competing, and easily checked after the drop test.
    • The egg must stay inside the apparatus throughout the drop test.
    •  The egg will be provided by the judge at the time of the competition.

NOTE: Balloons are not allowed to build the Apparatus.

           ** Limited Registrations.

No spot registrations. All the participants should register online.


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Contact Details

Name : Manikanta

Contact : 7729088194

E-mail :