Teckzite || Riddlers,Stop here

Teckzite - Riddlers,Stop here

About the Event

    “We must all face choice between What is Right and What is Easy.”

        Do you want to be the “Best Riddler”? Then this the chance to conquer. If you have diehard love for riddles and deciphering codes then you are on the right page.

            The event “RIDDLERS STOP HERE” in Teckzite’19 is giving you the opportunity to test your wit to Become the  “BEST RIDDLER” and win exciting prizes too. There will be a series of rounds riddle quiz and deciphering codes.

This is the right occasion to challenge yourself and test your limits.


Round1:  9:00 AM to 11:00AM(Saturday 16-Feb-2019)


A4 Block CS 01 to CS 10

 Round2:  11AM to 12PM(Sunday 17-Feb-2019)


A4 block CS 01 TO CS 02

Rules & Regulations

Team Size - 2 members
No of rounds - 2


    • Teams can register online.
    • Teams should bring their own laptop and LAN Cable.
    • Any evidence of cheating will lead to immediate disqualification.
    • Judges and coordinators decision will be final.
    • Briefing of each round will be given before the commencement of each round.

No spot registrations. All the participants should register online.


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    Contact Details

    Name : Seema Parvez

    Contact : 8008025969

    E-mail :