Teckzite || Metallography

Teckzite - Metallography

About the Event

                                The study of micro structures of the engineering materials is considered as a basic characterization technique as the micro structures have influence on the properties of the material and the behaviour of it can be predicted from the micro structure. In remembrance of “Henry Clifton Sorby - the Father of Metallography” we challenge you to prepare the sample specimen for the microscopy and analyses the structures obtained.


Round 1:
Saturday 16th of Feb 09:00AM-09:30AM
Round 2:
Saturday 16th of Feb 02:00PM-04:00PM

Rules & Regulations

  • The event will have two rounds. The first round will be a paper based test. The participants will be selected based on the score in the test.
  • The selected students will be made in to a team of two and given the samples (aluminum, copper or steel).
  • The time limit will be 2 hours in which the participants should polish their samples, etch it and get the micro structures.
  • The judging will be based purely on the quality of the micro structures obtained. 


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