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About the Event

Hi buddy,
Do you have good robotics skills? Then the event QBotix gives you an opportunity to prove your robotics skills.In this the participants have to make a robot(wired or wireless) which can pick the objects from one point and place that objects at another point in the arena. The arena will also contain different types of obstacles and pits.


The team has to build a bot (wired or wireless) which can do tasks like holding and dropping the blocks in their given respective places. Sometimes the bot has to overcome the obstacles placed in the arena.


         The size of the arena is 4000mm x 4000mm.
Dimensions of the path are in detailed :-                   

         Width of the path is 400 mm to 500 mm.
          Inclination of the ramp is 20 degrees.
Object specifications:-
           Object weight is below 100 grams.
           The object will be placed at a height of 100 mm from the base.
            Object is made of thermocol.
             Object size:- 100mm*100mm*100mm.(tolerances of +5mm or – 5mm).
             Object shape :- cubic.

Specifications of Bot :-
1) The dimensions of the bot should be less than or equal to 300 mm x300 mm x300 mm (lxbxh) with a tolerance of + 10mm.The bot must be controlled manually.
2)If the bot is wired , the team must maintain a minimum 2 meters of wire.
Game Play :-

Game Play:-
1)    The bot has to start from the marked "start" point.
2)    There will be different check points in the arena.
3)    During this picking and placing process if the object is dropped, the bot has to start from its previous check point.
4)    Finally after placing all the objects in the respective positions and clearing all the obstacles the bot has to come to the "END" mark

Judgement Criteria:-
1.    8 minutes will be given to each team.
2.    20 points will be awarded for successfully pick and placing the object in required place.
3.    10 points will be awarded for crossing each check point.
4.    The bot has to complete each and every check point without skipping any task.
5.    In case bot crosses the mentioned path then 10 points will be deducted.
    A = points scored.
    B = (480- time taken in seconds).
    C = penalties.
    Total points = A+B-C.

For Arena Images Arena Images



Round1 : 2:00PM to 5:00PM(Saturday 16-Feb-2019)

Round2: 2:00PM to 5:00PM(Sunday 17-Feb-2019)


 Ground infront of workshop building

Rules & Regulations

1. Maximum team size-5.
2. Only 2 members from the team will be allowed into arena.
3. Time penalization will be there each time the bot touches the obstacles.
4. Trails are not allowed.
5. Only one chance will be given to every participant.
6The bot will be out of the competition if it causes damage to arena.
7. Participants need to bring their own batteries for power supply.
8. Organizer’s decision will be final in case of any disputes.


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Contact Details

Name : G.Rohit Vinay

Contact : 8297742687

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