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Teckzite - Contraption

About the Event

“Contraption” is a chain of different ‘energy conversion’ steps, in which one step triggers the next one leading to completion of final task. Contraption as a creative engineering event, invites models of tech spectacles from students. Use your engineering skills and build a creative contraptions with your imagination and be the creative genius.

Materials to be provided:
1 cutting blade, 4 paper cups, 5-10 rubber bands, 10 straws, 2 plastic balls,10 ice sticks, 3 balloons, 10 paper pins, 1 bottle fevicol, 1 tape, 5 marbles, half thermocoal sheet, 20 tooth picks, 15 wooden blocks,  1 matchstick box, 5 meters thread.


Sample Contraption Video link:


Schedule:                                                                                            Venue:

Day1:10:00AM to 12:30AM(Saturday 16-Feb-2019)                A2 First Floor Space between F1 and F10

Day2:3:00PM to 4:00PM(Sunday  17-Feb-2019)                        A2 First Floor Space between F1 and F10

The event will be on Day-1.

There will be an exhibition of the model contraption made by our team on Day-2.

Rules & Regulations

•    Contraption has to operate for at least 30 seconds and 120 seconds at the most.
•    The contraption should be as firm as possible.
•    A space of 5 ft* 5 ft will be provided to each team.
•    The minimum number of energy conversions needed to achieve your goal must be 4.
•    Hand touch will be allowed only at the start. After that every hand touch will reduce the points.
•    Use of any dangerous or poisonous chemicals, combustible or explosive substances high voltage or animals in the contraption is forbidden.

Judging Criteria:

•Total number of items involved in the contraption – 2 points each( the items do not include the supports or mounting used)

•If contraption has a Loop in the process( The process coming back to the previous step but following a different path this time)- 30 pts 

 For parallel contraption - 30 pts (extra 20 pts if the parallel contraptions synchronize)

•    Each Vertical loop—30 points
•    Each Horizontal loop—15 points
•    Extra points
      For specific themes( Ex: Showing improvement in technology by     gradually changing materials used) – 35 points
    Conveying specific message—20 points
•    For each energy conversion--- 5 to 10 points. 

    More than one hand touch will result in  reduction of  20 pts. 


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