Teckzite || Jet Propulsion

Teckzite - Jet Propulsion

About the Event

Welcome yourself into the world of aerodynamics by participating in Jet Propulsion event. In this event the participant has to make a water rocket. Water rocket is a type of model rocket using water as its reaction mass. The rocket is filled with water and is pressurized with the help of a pump up to the pressure limit. You can design the rocket in your own way.


Round 1:
This round is conducted on the basis of range and deviation of the rocket. Each team will be given two chances. To qualify for the next round the rocket should cross a minimum given range of 60 meters. Points will be deduced if the launched rocket deviates more than 15 degrees from the initial point.
If no rocket crosses minimum given range, top 30% teams from this round will be qualified to the next round.
:There will be time limit for pumping.

Round 2:
This is conducted on the basis of time of flight. Only two attempts will be given to each team. The rocket which has the highest time of flight will be awarded first prize.
: There is no pressure limit.



Round 1: 8:30AM to 12:00PM(Saturday 16-Feb-2019)

Round 2: 2:00PM to 4:00PM(Sunday  17-Feb-2019)


K2 Ground

Rules & Regulations

1.    The participants can bring their own launch pads. Extra points will be awarded for this.
2.    The rocket should be made from commercially available non-metallic soft drink bottles (PET bottles) of maximum capacity 2.5L. Fins if required are to be constructed from light-weight non-metallic materials.   
3.    A normal foot pump will be provided to compress the air.
4.    Teams should release their rockets within the given time span.
5.    The point where the rocket first hits the ground will be taken as the point of landing and measurements will be taken considering this point.
6.    The organizer will not be responsible for the damage suffered by rockets during the competition. Extra time will not be given for remaking the damaged rockets.
7.     In case of any violation of the rules the organizer can disqualify the team.


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Contact Details

Name : U.Hari Sai Krishna

Contact : 9502335721

E-mail :