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Teckzite - TZ-CTF

About the Event

                “TZ-CTF” is a capture the flag (CTF) event. Basically, capture the flag is an ethical hacking security competition. How many of you know about sherlock holmes, basically a CTF is the sherlock homes for technical students. Today in this digital world everyone had to protect their identity against cybercrimes. In this competition the participant is provided with some challenges related to hacking / non-hacking / logical aspects. The ultimate aim of the participant is to crack those challenges and get the points allocated to that respective challenge. We will provide you with hints to crack the challenges. The aim of this event is to enhance your skills towards cyber security and logical thinking. In this competition the answers are in format tzctf{answer} which are called as FLAGS in CTF competitions.
Rounds Information:

Round 1:-  Round1 is a simple jar based exam. Which consistes of technical questions. (Team participation)
Round 2:-  Live CTF Event as team ( Everyone should bring their own laptop and lan cable)
Challenge Categories:
This category involves tricky questions which are needed to be searched in google and answered. This type of challenge tests your googling skills.
Recon / Reconnaissance:
In this category you will find challenges whose answers/flags are hidden in various websites/multimedia etc. We will provide you with clues to solve these
In this category you will find challenges related to web security. It’s like hunting bugs in websites with the hints provided. We made this category as easy as possible to help all beginner players.
Crypto / Cryptography:
In this category you will find challenges in which the flag is encrypted using some ciphers available on internet. Your goal is to decrypt these encrypted flags using hints provided.
This category includes very simple programming challenges.
In this category we will hide flags/Answers in multimedia formats like mp4, jpg etc. using techniques like steganography etc. Your goal to recover these artifacts (Flags) and submit them.
Reverse Engineering:
In this category we will manipulate the Flag the using some programming and we will give you the code we used to manipulate the Flag. You just need to reverse the process using the code given.
Misc / Miscellaneous:
In this category you will find mixed challenges which are created using some of the above categories.
Event Organiser's Note:
I made the challenges with a lot of humour and fun. I promise you that the challenges are so easy that everyone can solve above 50% of all the challenges.
This competition requires less programming skills and more Sherlock skills. I you had any doubts regarding the competition or any of the above categories,
please reach out to me. Happy Hacking !! Go with flow.

Discussion Group:  Join me at telegram

                A flag is an English statement like “roses_are_red” which will be hidden. We provide clues to find that flag. If you find that flag you will be given some points.
Here is your flag for Teckzite Reloaded V2 : tzctf{1_l0v3_7zc7f}


Round 1: 16-02-2019 from 09:00AM to 09:30AM and venue is A3,SF-03 to SF-5 ,SF-07 ,SF-08 SG-6 and SG-08

Round 2: 17-02-2019 from 11:00AM to 12.45PM and venue is A3,SF-03 to SF-05, SF-7,SF-9

Rules & Regulations

Skills required:
    •  Internet googling skills, Linux command line basics, basic web and programming will surely help.
    •  Every person from team should bring your laptop, adapter and LAN cable.
    •  More than above you need sherlock skills.
    •  You can use internet while competition at your best with freedom.
    •  Mobile phones are not allowed.
    •  If any malpractice cases are happened then the organizers have the right to disqualify you from the event. No more apologies are entertained.
    •  Please everyone should install JDK latest version.
    • *Note: Participants has to come along with your Teckzite ID cards.
    • Late participation in the event is  not entertained.
    • Any person caught cheating will lead to disqualification of  entire team immediately.
    • Students who are winners in any national/international CTF competitions are not allowed to participate in this competition.


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Contact Details

Name : M. Kiran babu

Contact : 9398584586

E-mail :