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Teckzite - Versatile Coder

About the Event

                Versatile coder is a event to geeks. In this event program will be given. Participant has to write the code in max possible languages. Criteria should be given based on the number of codes written by the participant.

Rounds description:
    • Only one Round
    • Participant has to write code in as many as possible languages.


Round1: 16-02-2019 from 11:15AM to 11:45 AM and venue is A3,SF-01 to SF-04

Round2: 17-02-2019 from 09:45AM to 10:45AM and venue is A3,SF-04

Rules & Regulations

General Instructions:

    • It is an individual event.
    • Please come along with your laptops and adapters.
    • Please everyone should install JDK latest version.
    • Participant has to come with their compilers.
    • If any malpractice cases are happened then the organizers have the right to disqualify you from the event. No more apologies are entertained.
    • All programming languages are accept.
    • Participants has to submit their code on time no extra time will be given.
    • *Note: Participants has to come along with your Teckzite ID cards.

Judging criteria
    • First and second place will be awarded based on the number of codes written by the participant.


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Contact Details

Name : V. Raji

Contact : 8790456389

E-mail :