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Teckzite - Switcher

About the Event

                    The event main motto is to test the synchronization between the two participants. It is purely a coding event. By participating in this event you can improve your coding skills.

Rounds description:
           There are 2 rounds.
    1st round:

    First round pattern is objective questions.
    We are giving 20 objective questions related to programming.
    Time limit is 30 minutes.
   2nd round:

                                In this we are dividing the qualified participants of 1st round as pairs. And we are  giving programs in 2 sets. At beginning of the event in every pair one has to write the code for set1 programs and other has to write the code for set2.For every 15 mins the persons has to switch the positions. That means you have to implement the other participant’s code of your pair.

                          The switching will be done for every 15 minutes.You have to understand the code what your partner has written and you have to implement the remaining part. Total time limit of the event is 1 hour.


Round1: 16-02-2019 from 10:30AM to 11:00AM and venue is SF-07 to SF-10

Round2: 16-02-2019 from 03:45PM to 04:45PM and venue is SF-06 to SF-07

Rules & Regulations


  •  Team size should be only one person.
  •  The participate should be registered for the event, no spot registrations are available.
  •  Mobile phones are not allowed.
  •  If any malpractice cases are happened then the organizers have the right to disqualify you  from the event.No more apologies are entertained.
  •  Participants has to submit their code on time no extra time will be given.
  •  Please come along with your laptops and adapters.
  •  Please everyone should install JDK latest version.
  •  *Note: Participants has to come along with your Teckzite ID cards.

Judging criteria:           

  • The pair who completed their coding on time will be the winners of the event. If 2 or more pairs completed their code on time then who write the code efficiently will be the winners.
  • If no pair completed their programs the pair which completes the maximum part of the program will be the winners.


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Contact Details

Name : Sk. Basheeruddin

Contact : 9502724296

E-mail :