Teckzite || Code Marathon

Teckzite - Code Marathon

About the Event

            Are you enthuse for coding at night then it is the best opportunity to you. This is a 12 hours of event conducted from 09:00 PM TO 09:00 AM.

Rounds description:
       1. Only one round
       2. This round have 6 sections with 100 points. Every section may contain sub sections.
       3. For every program we have 10 test cases.
       4. Points given according to number of test cases passed.

Judging criteria:
 1. Who have highest points they will be the winner.
 2. If different teams have highest points then we consider their submission time who submitted early they will be the winner.


starting time :15th feb 9PM

ending time: 16th feb 9AM

Rules & Regulations


             1. Team size max of 2 .   
             2.  You can use internet but don't copy code from internet, if anyone found then they will be  disqualified. We have tools to check duplicate codes.    
             3.  You have to submit your code before the given time.            
             4.  Exam conducted on hacker rank or any other online platform.


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Contact Details

Name : T.Samba Murthy

Contact : 8142646657

E-mail :