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Teckzite - Blind Bug

About the Event

                Blind Bug is a combination of blind coding and Code Debugging, it also challenges your accuracy and self-confidence. In Blind Coding, we have to solve problems by just your fingers, because you can’t see your screen. Coming to 'Debugging' (which means removing the bugs), No one is perfect, computer programmers sometimes make mistakes when writing their code. These mistakes are known as 'bugs’, so programmers has to fix those bugs.
Round Description:
      1st Round:
                Coding should be done blindly… i.e The Screen of the laptop is in blank state. Eyes don’t need only need is brain.
      Final Round:
                Participant has to detect and rectify the errors in the given code based on the output.
Judging criteria: 
            1. Based on the less errors  participants will selected for the 2nd Round.
            2. In 2nd round prizes will rewarded to the participants who will complete the task with less errors or exact output in given time.


Round 1:16-02-2019 from 8:00AM to 08:45AM and venue is A3,SF-01 to SF-06

Round 2:16-02-2019 from 02:45PM to 3:30PM and venue is A3,SF-01 to SF-03

Rules & Regulations

            1. Each participant has to write the code for given problem, with MONITOR OFF.
            2. Participants whose code gets executed will be given higher preference.
            3. The second preference will be given to code with least number of errors
            4. In case of tie in number of errors, TIME of SUBMISSION will be considered.
            5. Shortlisted participants of Round-1 will appear for Round-2 for which above rules are applicable.
            6. Please come along with your laptops,adapters.          
            7. Please everyone should install JDK updated version.
            8. Mobile phones are not allowed.
            9. If any malpractice cases are happened then the organizers have the right to disqualify you from the event. No more                 apologies are entertained.
           10. *Note: Participants has to come along with your Teckzite ID cards.


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Contact Details

Name : K.Gayathri

Contact : 8367585354

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