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Teckzite - Miser Compiler

About the Event

            Miser compiler is all about to extract the smart coder. If you think that you can write much optimised code for any problem, then here is the opportunity for you to showcase your coding talent.

 Rounds description :

1st Round : Participant need to trace out the output for 15 basic snippets on C within 30 minutes and shortlisted based on score.

 2nd Round :This round contains 3 questions. Participant need to write the shortest code for each question within 45 minutes. 

Judging criteria:  
            1. Best logic
            2. Minimal code size (total no of characters in code).


Round 1 :16-02-2019 from 09:45AM to 10:15AM and venue is A3,SF-03 to SF-5 and sf-7 ,9,10

Round 2: 16-02-2019 from 01:45PM to 2:30PM and venue is A3,SF-01 to SF_04

Rules & Regulations

            1. Individual event
            2. Code should be write in C language only.
            3. Internet is strictly not allowed.
            4. Please come along with your laptops,adapters.
            5. Please everyone should install JDK updated version.
            6. Mobile phones are not allowed.
            7. If any malpractice cases are happened then the organizers have the right to disqualify you from the event. No more                 apologies are entertained.
            8. Participants has to submit their code on time no extra time will be given.
            9. *Note: Participant has to come along with your Teckzite ID cards.


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Contact Details

Name : A. Anil kumar

Contact : 8328124996

E-mail :