Teckzite || Model Making

Teckzite - Model Making

About the Event

Hi folks...!!!!

                        Are you interested in making something new? Did you ever try to make something out of cardboard or something like that? Creativity is what differentiates you from others in the modern world where everyone depends on something that was created by someone somewhere. Who knows! May be you can be the next Einstein. Improve your thinking ability.

                       TECKZITE brings you the golden opportunity to prove your unique creativity. So what are you waiting for? Don't hold your horses, come and participate, many exciting prizes are waiting for you.

                        Develop the design skills and imagination skills which makes everyone think in a different way. Depending on the creativity and uniqueness of your working model juding will be done.




Feb 16 afternoon session 2pm-4pm

Venue: A4 Block

Rules & Regulations

      Team size: 2

        1.The questions will be given on the spot.

        2.The team should complete the model withing the given time.

        3.Material will be provided by the TECKZITE team.

        4.Faculty decision is final.

        5.Mobile phones are not allowed.

     #Note: Prepared model should be completed within "1 hour" from given time.

Judging criteria:

Faculty decision is final.


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