Teckzite || Movie and music mania

Teckzite - Movie and music mania

About the Event

Hey guys!


           Each and everyone in this world is directly or indirectly linked to the rhythm of the music. As we spend most of the time with movies, songs and dances... We are all well known with them. So with that motto of refreshing you with some entertainment,  Teckzite 2k19 is conducting an event called "M&M (Movie and Music Mania)" where you can enjoy with your movie knowledge and music sense. So participate and enjoy to peaks and earn cash prize too.


Prelims round:   Feb 16 morning 9am – 9:40am

Finals round:      Feb 17 afternoon  2pm-5pm

Venue: A4 Block

Rules & Regulations


    Number of rounds: 2

   Team Size : 3(Must Contains 3 Members)

    Prelims: 30 questions from only Tollywood movies (movie quiz)

    Time: 40 min

    #Note:1) Bring your Laptop,Adapter and LanCable,

                2) Mobiles Phones are not allowed. if we find any team doing malpractice we will simply disqualify the team.

    Final round: music mania

    Final round will be based on different tunes, movie clips and personalities (cast and crew) from back-end industry of Tollywood. 


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Contact Details

Name : P.Ajay Chandra.

Contact : 9494442461

E-mail :