Teckzite || Crack-up Comedy

Teckzite - Crack-up Comedy

About the Event

 Hey buddies,

          "Not all can laugh to their potential and not all can make others laugh"

            The art of making others laugh is not just easy as you think. Each and every one need a time to get relief from heavy time works. With this motto we have come up with an excellent idea of conducting a crack - up - comedy event. It is almost similar to a standup comedy where a person stands in front of the live audience and makes comedy. It may be by your words, actions and sounds. All you have to do is to work for your potential to make others laugh. So, if you are zeal to make others happy by your actions, Teckzite provides you an opportunity to outlook your talent. We give all the young comedians out there a platform to tickle the audience with the best of your comic skills. Be the reason for all the giggles and laughs around, and be the best of all and win exciting cash prizes too.


Prelims round-    Feb 15 afternoon 4:00pm to 5:00pm


Final round  –     Feb 17 afternoon 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Venue: A4 Block

Rules & Regulations


No. of rounds: 2

Team size: 2-5

Prelims: 25 questions on screen and you should written on A4 size sheet paper provided by teckzite team in your way that makes us giggles and laughs when your answers got corrected.

Time: 40 min.

#Note: Bring your own laptop, adapter and lan cable and Pen.

Judging criteria:

Judgement will be given by coordinator and organizer.

Final round:

1)Team have 2-5 members.

2)Limited entries based on prelims round.

3)In the final round selected members need to perform one funny Skit based on the topic given by the Teckzite  Team.

4)Time Limit is 5-6 Min.

5)No participant can point out any individual or religion in any way, and any dual meaning obscene content is  strictly not allowed.

6)Negative marking for exceeding time limit.

7)Participants will be judged on the basis of Content,Fluency, Spontaneity, Presentation & Sense of humor.             decision of the judges will be final and Blinding.

8)Language is your choice.


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Contact Details

Name : V.Jaya nagasri

Contact : 9849266163

E-mail :