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Teckzite - Map explorer

About the Event

Hello Folks,

                            Let us inform you that we have recently found that there is an ancient treasure hidden in our college itself comprising millions... Of penny. We  are in search of students with intelligent thinking... Trying to find the treasure with the help of the clues provided... Be a "MAP EXPLORER" to hunt for the treasure.The only Weapon you can have is your brisk response for the clues with your smart brain that you can find the treasure as quickly as possible. You can have your team for help.Let  us also inform you that we are ready with attractive cash prizes too…. Come participate...  Hunt well and win the prize...


Prelims round-  Feb 15 afternoon 12pm-1:00pm

Final round-         Feb 17 afternoon 2pm-5pm

Venue: A4 Block

Rules & Regulations


    No. of rounds: 2

   Team Size : 4 Members only

    Round1: 30 questions on campus premises.

    Time: 40 min

    Round2: Map exploring and finding the hidden treasure.

#Note: Shortlisted teams must should bring their laptops,lan cables, adapters.

Judging criteria:

    Judgement of organizers and co-ordinator.


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Contact Details

Name : R.Narendra

Contact : 7036967314

E-mail :