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About the Event

           Hello junior geeks!               

                      Are you all vexed up with the examinations and classes? Then here comes an opportunity to relax......we hope, you are busy with your studies gaining knowledge highly dealing with tricky physics,charming chemistry, mighty mathematics. Here comes a platform for you to analyse yourself  which requires just  your smart and  practical knowledge.Squeeze the last drop of your knowledge in various fields.  The smartest geek will be awarded with the title “ICON OF PUC” which would be one of the greatest achievement. All you need to do is to enhance  yourself in all the subjects through the event


Prelims round-      Feb 15 morning 9:00AM-10:30AM


Second round-      Feb 17 morning 9:00AM – 10:30AM


Third round-          Feb 17 morning 10:30AM – 12:00PM

Venue: A4 Block

Rules & Regulations


No. of rounds: 3

Team Size : 1

Prelims: 40 technical questions from PUC subjects[Maths(10),phy(10),chem(10),IT(5),English(5)]

Time 1:30hr

2nd round: 30 questions (non-technical round)

Aptitude (15)   Reasoning (15)  

Time: 40min

#Note: Bring your laptop, adapter and lan cable for two rounds.

3rd round Personal interview.

Judging criteria:

1st and  2nd rounds judgement from organizers and coordinators.

3rd round will have judgement from faculty.


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Contact Details


Contact : 8790488416

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