Teckzite || Digiwar

Teckzite - Digiwar

About the Event

                    Some people get bogged by tronics, while other by Gates and digital circuits for dessert! if you belong to this rare breed of digital circuit trader you are in for a treat!

        Digiwar is a platform for all electronics enthusiasts to exhibit their skills on digital electronics will be tested with a series of Minimization, implementing tasks and it is an event which will test thinking and knowledge on logical design and participants will have to race against time to make the best possible design and prove their dominance.

Round 1: Logical deduction

    • A set of logical circuits will be given on the paper ,participants need to work out what set of inputs and switch positions will allow you to power the "level complete" sign.
    • Judging criteria is based on number of inputs you chose for getting required output for given questions.

Round 2 :

    • Qualified students of round-1 are allowed to participate this round.
    • A set of questions will be given and participants need to answer them in a given time.
    • Judging criteria is based on the number of answered questions in a given time.

Final round :

    • Qualified participants of round-2 are allowed to participate in this round.
    • We depict a problem statement and finalists should design it on Multisim.
    • Judging criteria is based on time taken to make the best possible circuit.



Date : 16/Feb/2019

Block: A3 Block 

Classrooms : SS-01 to SS-08

Timings: 9:00 AM TO 9:45 AM 

 ROUND-2 :

Date : 16/Feb/2019

Block: A3 Block

Classrooms: SS-01 to SS-03

Timings: 2:00 PM TO 2:45 PM


Date : 16/Feb/2019

Block: A3 Block

Classroom : SS-07

Timings: 4:10 PM TO 5:10 PM

Rules & Regulations

    1) This competition is open for all ECE students.

    2) All participants should bring Teckzite ID card.

    3) It is an individual event.

    4) Bring a laptop along with Multisim, additionally LAN cable, pen and adaptor.

    5)  Late comers will not be entertained.


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Contact Details

Name : P.Durga Prasad

Contact : 7660859367

E-mail :