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Teckzite - Signofreak

About the Event

  To all the aspirants in the arena of ECE, welcome all...!!!! We give you a platform to exhibit your talent in the core of ECE. This event is a tantalizing mix of knowledge and applications of spontaneous skills on Signals&Systems and Control systems, all at the speed of thoughts. For smart minds, there is victory and pride as reward.

Number of rounds: 2

Round 1(Answer and Advance) :
        It is an individual event. This round is having multiple questions on the basics of Signals and Systems and Control Systems. Paper is in pdf format or jar format. We will promote top 25 or 30 members for the next round.

  Round 2 (Think wisely and win easily):
             It is an individual event and paper based.This round is mainly to test your thinking abilities and spontaneous skills on Signals and Systems(SS) and Control Systems(CS). This round includes three levels.

Level-1: This level is mainly to enhance your thinking levels. In this level, we project some jumbling words on the projector related to SS and CS, participant need to find the correct word and form a meaning full sentence in the given time.

Level-2: In this level, we project inputs and outputs on the projector and participants need to mention the operations which leads the inputs to the output in the given time.

Level-3: In the final level, some exiting and funny problems related to SS and Cs are projected on the projector and the participants need to solve the problems based on the given data within the given time.

We will declare top 2 members as winners from the participants who scored maximum in all these three levels.



Date: 17/Fe/2019

Block: A3

Classrooms: SS-01 to SS-08

Timings: 9:45 AM TO 10:15 AM


Date: 17/Feb/2019

Block: A3

Classroom: SS-02

Timings: 11:30 AM to 12:15 PM

Rules & Regulations


    1. Student requirements for the round 1 is Teckzite ID card, laptop, Adaptor, LAN cable, pen and rough paper. Make sure that you installed .jre file inorder to open jar file.
    2. Calculator is allowed.
    3. Participants should complete the round within the time limit.
    4. No extra time will be allotted.
    5. Late comers are not at all entertained.
    6. Judges decision is final.


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Contact Details

Name : K.Surya Prasad

Contact : 7893925343

E-mail :