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About the Event

            “exQUIZme”  is the technical quiz to nurture skills among students and also to enable them to compete with the external technical world. It helps participants to inculcate technical stuff among them. This event gives the participants to showcase their technical knowledge.

                  Prelims will be conducted in two separate sections consisting  of Engineering 1st year as one section and Engineering 2nd,3rd,4th years as another section.

Engineering 1st year:

            In this section, Questions are from the following topics:

    • General Science, Aptitude ,Programming (Python,HTML)
    • Technical questions(EDC,ET,MATHS-1)

Engineering 2,3,4 years:        
             In this section, Questions are from the following topics:

    • Programming (C,Matlab ,Verilog )
    • Technical questions(EDC,ET,NT,AEC,SS,CS,AC,DC,DE,MATHS)

Finals :

    • In this section, Organizers will divide different teams based on the performance of the     participants in the prelims.
    • It contains 4(Four) Rounds which will be disclosed on the spot of the event.



Date : 16/Feb/2019

Block: A3

Classroom: SS-01 to SS-08

Timings: 8:15 AM to 8:45 AM


Date : 16/Feb/2019

Block : A3

Classroom : SS-01

Timings: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Rules & Regulations


1. Every participant should register for this event.

2. Every participant must bring pen, laptop, LAN, adopter, Teckzite ID.

3.If any two or more candidates marks are equal then priority is given based on Tie-breakers(* marked questions) which  are mentioned in the paper.

 4.Late comers will not be entertained.

Judging Criteria:

  • In the prelims paper, If  different participants secure same marks then priority will be given to  the number of  “Tie-Braker(‘*’ mark) questions” he/she solved.
  • In the Prelims and Finals , The ultimate decisions will be taken by the Event Organizer.


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Contact Details

Name : Muppidi. Ravi kiran

Contact : 8985219192

E-mail :