Teckzite || Code Crunch

Teckzite - Code Crunch

About the Event


            The event all engineers look forward to, code crunch is an event that is made for the people who live, dream and breathe to solve a problem using code. Solve the problem at hand, convert it into an efficient code in a given time to defeat your opponent, to be announced as the winner. Think you are the best coder in the room? Talk is cheap, show us the code and prove it.


    Round 1:-               

    Date:- 16-02-2019.                                                                                       

    Time:- Starts from 3:30 PM. 

    Venue:- A2 block, third floor, TT-05 & TT-06.

    Round 2:-

    Date:- 17-02-2019.

    Time:- Starts from 2:00 PM.

    Venue:- A2 block, third floor, TT-05.

Rules & Regulations

Event Specifications:

    • Use MATLAB only.
    • Consists of two rounds.

Round 1: (Prelims)

    1. Questions: 20.
    2. Time: 30 min.
    3. Content: MATLAB Basics.
    4. Mode:Everyone should bring their own Laptop*.
    5. Teams will be screened based on their score in the round one and are eligible for final round.

 Round 2: (Finals)

  1. Problem Statement will be given on the spot.
  2. Participants need to find out the solution using MATLAB.
  3. Winners will be announced based on the program execution and accuracy.


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Contact Details

Name : K.Srinu

Contact : 7286072823

E-mail :