Teckzite || Bridge Manager

Teckzite - Bridge Manager

About the Event

1.The foremost move in creation of any structure in construction is the making of its miniature representation which is a model.

2.This event makes the participants to unlock their creative skills using the household materials for making any working model.

3. please go through the following link to get an idea an about working models.

  1. Example of a working model 1
  2. Example of working model 2 
  3. Example


EXPO on: 16/02/2019 & 17/02/2019

TIMINGS:  9:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M

Rules & Regulations

1.The model should be handmade in a creative manner.

2.The materials that can be used are pens,ice cream sticks,toothpicks or matchsticks,thermocol etc.

3.The model should be exhibited on the event dates.

4.Material will not be given by the organizers.

5.There will be judging criteria based on the model and its resistance towards a weight tested also.

6.There will be weight of  20times tested on the prototype based on the self weight of the prototype.

7.There will be voting process for the finally selected prototypes.


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Contact Details

Name : CH.Tulasi(N140456)

Contact : 9502468490

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