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Teckzite - Cartography

About the Event


            For any construction to start,the basic knowledge required at the site is surveying the area of construction. A Cartography event is enlightening event to prepare a outlay using compass survey, in which the students have to survey a particular area in the given time and then prepare outlay. The skills of surveying,quick thinking and quick calculations are to be needed, if u desire to win. If you think that you are good at that, you are welcomed heartfully.



Date : 16/02/2019

Time:  10:00 A.M to 10:30 A.M

Venue : A2 Block first floor


Date : 17/02/2019

Time : 8:30 A.M to 10:00 A.M    

Venue :   A2 back side ground

Rules & Regulations


            1. For round 1, every team should bring their own laptops and own lan cables.

            2. Instruments will be given at the site of surveying.

            3. Proper handling of instrument is necessary.

            4. Damage to instrument involves penalty to respective group.

            5. The team that makes the fastest outlay will be awarded.


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Contact Details

Name : M.Sarojini

Contact : 8639390382

E-mail :